Natural Deodorants

I didnt realise what was in my deodorants.  I have used several over the years, both roll on and sprays. Because they are sold and are made to specifications that are regulated you think that it must be good for you and it wasn’t until I started making natural soap and body butters that I started questioning what goes into health and beauty products.

Aluminium is used in mass produced deodorants.

– This is used to clog pores and prevent sweating.
– Reduces sweating by up to 20%

Not to forget the parabens, steareths and phthalates. Why would you want to smear this on such a delicate part of your body ? Even if it stopped you sweating? I can understand needing a deodorant but not an antiperspirant.

Sounds like a good idea ?  Hmmmm… not when you know that it also can be a cause for Alzheimers Disease and Cancer.  It can also cause infection in the pores, by blocking the release of sweat and cause local infection and lumps under the arms. Again not something anyone would want to suffer from.

The answer is to use Natural Deodorant ! 

Natural deodorants can contain various natural ingredients – good quality oils such as coconut or sweet almond oil, maybe some cocoa butter, also natural waxes such as beeswax or for vegan users, rice bran wax. Natural, fresh scents such as Tea Tree which has natural antimicrobials, or lavender. There may be some vitamin E too. All good ingredients for a natural deodorant.








Getting Used to Natural Deodorants

They do take some getting used to, detoxifying your armpits from aluminium based chemical deodorants and it may be that you would use it twice a day to start with, as it will never work quite as well as a deodorant full of chemicals. There are other ingredients used in Wild Soapery’s Natural Deodorant that works to reduce body odour and sweating.

You have to be ok with sweating a bit, its not as if youre the only one that sweats, we all sweat. Some more than others, and clearly when its summer and hot, you’ll sweat more but then maybe on those occasions or when you have an important meeting and its hot weather a sparing use of an antiperspirant is absolutely fine !

Over time, you will adapt to your natural deodorant and get used to wearing clothing that help to keep you cool. Its not difficult, just adaptation !

Wild Soapery make 6 different All Natural Deodorants, produced in a biodegradable push up sticks. Wild Soapery uses no plastic in packaging.

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Natural Deodorants