Guest Soaps

Dotty Orange Guest Soap with Orange Peel, Orange Essential oils and a charcoal pencil line

Wild Soapery makes cute little guest soaps… mini versions of their regular sized bars ! They are perfect for using as guest soaps, so a whole bar is not wasted when your hotel or holiday cottage guests leave.

Each soap is 1cm in depth, 4cm wide and approximately 4cm high. Just the right size for a welcome soap for your guests.

Wild Soapery  create the guest soaps in exactly the same way as the regular sized soaps so they have the same characteristics and appearance, just on a smaller scale!

Most of Wild Soapery’s range of soaps are made in guest soap size but bear in mind if you are wanting a large order, soap takes 6 weeks to cure from the day of production, so bear this in mind when ordering !





Olive oil based soap with ginger and bergamot essential oils with alkanet and spirulina and a sprinkle of calendula petals on top !



Tropical Flurry

Olive oil based soap with grapefruit and ylang ylang essential oils. Colours are vibrant with aussie red reef clay, zinc oxide, spirulina and turmeric.




Woodland Spice

Olive oil based soap with bergamot, cedarwood and patchouli essential oils, giving a great manly scent and cocoa and aussie red reef clay for a great colour palate !






Dotty Orange

Olive oil based soap with orange and rosemary essential oils. Great pencil line with activated charcoal, annatto gives the bottom of the soap a light orange shade, with the top incorporating dried orange peel for light exfoliation.