About Us

Hi! I’m Helen. For over twenty years, I ran a successful business baking and decorating bespoke celebration cakes. My clients included a number of household names, such as Disney and World Wildlife Fund, and I even wrote my own cake-decorating books for an international audience.

In 2013, I moved to Spain with my youngest son to help him pursue his dream of becoming a tennis professional. I soon realised the amount of soap and deodorant a young athlete goes through, and was shocked at how many artificial ingredients are used in mass-produced body products.

At the same time, I was missing making cakes. Then it hit me – I could combine my love for making bespoke cakes using natural ingredients and interesting flavours into calorie-free creations – and Wild Soapery was born!

Wild Soapery creates beautiful 100% natural soaps. Now handmade in the Kentish countryside, the soaps contain only organic ingredients and colours and local ingredients (where possible). From Dotty Orange to Woodland Spice, there’s a soap for everyone.

I hope you love them!